A world first!

Take ultraponic at home

The principle of growing plants by feeding only their roots already exists. Two above-ground growing systems are available to individuals, with variable results: hydroponics where the roots of the plant are immersed in a nutrient solution throughout its growth, and aeroponics, which sprays the nutrient solution on the roots.

Ultraponics relies on the principle of aeroponics and pushes it to the extreme, with a much finer misting. The nutrient solution is completely absorbed by the pores of the roots, it produces no waste and requires no recycling phase, unlike hydroponics which has several disadvantages: possible discharge of polluted water salts and chemical crystals, sometimes harmful to soil and ecosystems, use of fertilisers, rarely organic farming, production of foods that may be of poor taste and nutritious quality.

In addition, because the environment is hot and humid, fungi and bacteria can multiply rapidly, resulting in large crop losses and the use of fungicides.

The GUS is the world’s first ultra-high-volume household growing tray on the global market. It is easy to use, reliable, resource efficient and clean. We have already registered our patents in France, the countries of the European Union, the United States and Canada.

Today, we are asking you to take the next step by marketing the GUS, to offer it to an audience as wide as possible.