The Gus® Advantages

As simple as efficient!

  • Easy implementation in a small space
  • Economical cultivation: water requirement decreased from 70 to 90%; nutrient consumption divided by 3 or even 8 compared to hydroponics
  • Non-messy system: no substrate from germination to harvest
  • Shorter growth cycle and regularity of harvests: 4 per year instead of 3
  • Grow in abundance in a natural way with a maximum yield: productivity +30%
  • Genetic potential of the plant pushed to its maximum: larger flowers and more tasty vegetables without the use of chemicals to boost their growth
  • Vertical cultivation without height limits thanks to a system of stakes, ideal for tomatoes
  • No waste management of the nutrient solution
  • Control of risks and diseases thanks to ultrasound sanitisation: no pesticides, no chemical product and no fungus
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • No watering or weeding; no climatic hazards (drought, rain, frost…)
  • Silent system
  • Ability to grow indoors and outdoors